Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I happen to go on the wikipedia front page and the front page article was on Thich Quang Duc, the vietnamese monk who, in protest set himself on fire for the greater good. He passes, and he was cremated, but leaving his heart intact.

His heart becomes an important religious relic for the community.

I wondered what would be the opposite of self-immolation and the first thing that came to mind was self-birth. Whenever I have a phrase, question or a word that pops into my mind I google it and do an image search.

Frida Kahlo's "My Birth" came up and from the thumbnail image, the head of the newborn looked just like the heart of Thich Quang Duc.

I flipped Kahlo's painting to just show the similarity.

As a kid, whenever I had a calculator on hand I would always type in 25252525...
I really liked how it looked because, they were kind of reflections of each other and a neat pattern. I look at it now and there is a dance between the even number and the odd number. Their is a dance between the receptive/active and female/male.

As a kid i would look at the numbers of 252525...and see a mushroom cloud, if you just focus on the 5 first and then 2. When you focus on 2 first then 5 it is a vessel, a vase.

This reminded me of the tarot card Temperance, which is a card of healing, protection, purification.

This card tells you to chill, to heal. Temperance is 14, right after 13, the unnamed arcanum or death.

Since the earthquake and radiation leakage in Japan, I've been getting more interested into the darker things, the poisons and toxins of the universe.

The fox in the little prince says that everything essential is invisible,and I always read into that as love and spirit.

But these invisible things, they also include the poisons. Last night when I was looking at the leaves of the tree gently swaying on the branches with the gentle wind, surrounding that kind movement, is the other.

The radioactive material isn't consciously trying to harm us, it just exists. There are probably life forms in the universe that inhale that stuff and thrives on it.

Sometimes I wonder when humans took over radio waves, WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc what entity did we did we hurt or even destroy?

When we breathe, oxygen dies in us, and is reborn as carbon dioxide.

reborn, reborn, i hope

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  1. i used to do the same thing with my calculator.