Thursday, June 9, 2011


We have proven that parallel universes exists, now we are attempting to bring our universe and one of our parallels to become perpendicular.

Me and my colleague through our research are ready for whatever may come our way. We realize that our reality and our parallel (soon to be perpendicular) may differ in the ratio of mass. We have come up with a device to be able to see the most microscopic of masses and to contract any gigantic mass into a visible form.

Its time for the experiment to begin, Scott and his colleague walk through a white hallway and into their lab.

Remember Mark, there maybe a chance that when we go perpendicular our realities between the parallel and here can easily switch, making us the observed and vice versa. Are you ready?

The match the x-y-z-0 coordinates to match their exact location and the parallel location on their computer.

The switch is on, and the generators are humming louder and louder.

The shift occurred quickly. In one moment the two of them sees themselves, in a repetitive mandala with the pattern of their given state in infinite numbers. As the loop came and swept them in as this is felt, an internal feedback was felt.

Through this chaos and deliriousness they rush to look through their micro-nano-pico-scope, as their eyes meet the scope they see a tiny city and as they get closer a building reminiscent of their own.

With their nano-tweezers they try to pry open the roof of the building.

And at that moment a huge explosion occurs above them. Their ceiling comes crashing down and a long metal rod comes sliding through. The sky is bare and the long metal rod seems to go up endlessly.

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