Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yutaka Houlette!

Yutaka Houlette is my first post and first person I would like to share to anyone and everyone who sees this. He's a really close friend and a real inspiration to me. We went to school together most of elementary, middle, high and college. He has an incredible sensibility for poetry and sublime wit. His music and art pieces reflected his personality and ideas so well. We played music together and we started a guitar duo in college around 2002 and that is pretty much how I learned how to play guitar and write songs. We would gruel and gruel to get to a place we would both commonly agreed to. It was a wonderful experience. We called our duo "Onsen" which means hot spring in Japanese. It was kind of an idea of tourists from countries from all over the world sharing a bath mixing their sweat in to a literal melting pot. We wanted our music to sound like that. I want to share some of his beautiful music and some things we did as onsen. Right now Yutaka is getting a masters degree in teaching art to middle - high school kids. I think he's going to be an amazing teacher.
Yutaka was also the drummer for Tall Grass for a little bit. I'll talk about tall grass in a post in the future!

This is a song he sent me pretty recently its really beautiful. I can hear the moisture.

biking in the rain - yutaka
here are a couple of Onsen songs we wrote together

08enkai - onsen

08sauna mizuburo - onsen

This is a jam yutaka and I did last year in June. there is a telephone ringing during the jam, just to let you know, its not your phone!

june jam - Yutaka and dustin