Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thoughts #2

I recently came upon a manga comic I used to read when I was a kid called, "Magical Taruruto" by Tatsuya Egawa, a true genius in the Manga world. Its pretty amazing what he got away making comics suited for 7 to 12 year olds. The story is about a boy who meets a cute demon creature that can use magic that lasts for 10 min. A lot of the characters' names are puns using Japanese Kanji Characters to fit their personality. In the climax of the whole series the main character,Honmaru Edojo, is fighting his big time rival, Harako Tsutomu (a similar rivalry like Vegeta and Goku in Dragon Ball) in a martial arts tournament to determine who is the strongest in their elementary school, lol.

What was interesting to note was that this character Harako Tsutomu's is a son of Nuclear Power Plant owner, he is rich, cocky and extremely gaudy. His kanji characters for his name goes 原子 力、when put together and read in a different way, it reads, Genshiryoku, nuclear power.

During the tournament Honmaru gives in to his devil inside/shadow to obtain a stronger power and Harako uses electricity/(nuclear energy) on his side to fight. It seems like they are two negatives in conflict. Harako has special fighting moves such as, "Hyper Nuclear Power Plant Punch". Honmaru calls him a villain and gives him a beating. However there is a twist, where Harako, when he thought that he was the one generating this energy, he realizes that it was the energy around him or the aether that he was honing. In the comic this energy are entities called Pachi Pachi kun, they ask Harako to join them in this dance and become one with the energy around him. Once this is realized, Harako, who was fighting, motivated by envy and jealousy then transforms that motivation into love and defeats Honmaru.

I was researching about meditation, mostly about the mantra om mani padme hum, the six syllables for purifying negative energy and thoughts. That led me to Nilakantha Dharni, the 12 scrolls of the blue necked Lord of the world, Shiva. I wondered why he was called the blue necked Lord, then I found this video.

There are compounds like zeolite and fungi that can absorb this radioactive stuff. Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, they all used zeolite. Zeolite, just like Shiva.

Hindu deities have their own planets in the universe, In the Upanishads it says that when you pass you end up in the planet of that particular deity you worshiped in this realm.

There are some of us that believe in aliens, and right now in that research there are 11 types known. Out of the 11, 2 are benevolent. The Andromedans and Pleidians. These 2 types are trying to push human beings to be better, influencing us subconsciously because they can't be seen by the naked eye, because they exist on a higher vibrational astral realm.

Through meditation, one might get inspired or hear words of wisdom. Maybe its them?

We hear about crop circles, or messages.

Their is one crop circle that showed up in Portland Oregon in August 1990, as the Hindu symbol Sri Yantra.

This symbol is composed with numerous triangles, the main triangles, 4 ascending (Shiva/male) and 5 descending(Shakti/female), depicting Shiva and Shakti's unification, Anima and Animus, the creation of the Universe.

I think we can get in touch with this vibration. I am starting to intuitively believe binaural beats can. Binaural beats are when 2 tones that are slightly off from each other creates a new tone. When a frequency of 500hz and 490hz from two different sources collide a new fluxuating rhythmic tone emerges. The tone is the difference of the two, 10hz, which by itself is very hard to hear but with the two juxtaposing tones, it makes it easier. Just like the difference of the 4 and the 5 with Shiva and Shakti. When Buddhist monks hit their singing bowl you get a very similar sound. This simple sound is attempting to open a gate in your consciousness. With binaural beats the tone can sustain for a long time through loops making that gate open for a longer time, with a singing bowl the sound can diminish after a few moments,(I think thats why monks have to focus their consciousness for that moment of triggered sound). I want to get into this more, I'm starting to experiment with these tones now.

I want to leave now with this video from a scene from "the Abyss" that was deleted from the original theatrical release.

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