Sunday, March 1, 2009

Matthew Papich!

This second post is about my good friend Matt Papich. I met him at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Matt is a very jovial, intense and intelligent character. When Yutaka left to go an exchange program in France I started playing music with Matt. The way he strummed and played the guitar was as if he was constantly in fast forward. He definitely woke my sleeping rapid strumming spirit. It was interesting to see the differences between Onsen and Ecstatic Sunshine. Onsen being relatively relaxed and Ecstatic Sunshine being very energetic which is quite different for a guitar duo. Just like the way he strummed he listened to music intensely. I could see his fast strumming transforming into rapid research taking him further in to the new age. Matt sent me some absolutely amazing work recently for his upcoming album. The sounds that he emulates De-constructed imagined spaces, and sublime beauty. He was also part of the deathset for a while and works on an awesome record label called wildfire wildfire. He's also releasing a split 7" with Lucky Dragons, its really good!

wave_chop_early_version - Ecstatic Sunshine

This is an early version of wave chop that Matt and I were working on before we recorded Freckle Wars. We really tried to go at it strumming as fast as we can!

Felt Flag - Ecstatic Sunshine

Felt flag was part of the Living EP and the sound was shifting to a more expansive sound working with the actual room, delay and reverb.

Herrons - Ecstatic Sunshine

Herons was a track from the album WAY which was the one song I was not a part of. Listen to how he has shifted his song structure from a horizontal structure to a more vertical structure. Using sound as a jet pack to fly higher in to space.

Dunk - Ecstatic Sunshine

This is from his latest work that'll be released soon, which is going to be called Yesterday's Work. I was blown away when he sent me his rough mixes and he told me it was okay for me to have one track on this post. It sounds like he is back on the ground searching intently for something more specific, micro and beautiful. I'm really excited about his new musical direction.