Monday, April 16, 2012

Help Ground Zero

Lyon, France. I remember visiting Grnd Zero for the first time, I was in a band called Ponytail at the time. At first glance the building looked like an ordinary office building, but when Olivié came and greeted us, at that moment I knew this place was special. He greeted us with a loving and kind smile, a warmth that is really hard to find these days. He showed us around Grnd Zero, he points to the left where we would sleep, an office space transformed in to a bed room, 4 beds were there for us to sleep in, one of the best sleep we got on that tour. He takes us to the room where we can sit and relax, and there were an array of quiches waiting for us. Everybody there was hospitable and kind, and the food, delicious. After becoming accustomed to the space we play our show, to a crowd that came because they wanted to listen. The love for artists and the love for art permeated the space and to have something like this to disappear would be a major loss to gesture of imagination, creation and love.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


01 May 2012 PL Poznan Fabrika
02 May 2012 PL Wroclaw Falanster
03 May 2012 DE Berlin secret show
04 May 2012 DE Landau Unikneipe Fatal
05 May 2012 NL Amsterdam De nieuwe anita
06 May 2012 BE Arlon Aralunaires Festival
08 May 2012 DE Esslingen Komma
09 May 2012 FR Strasbourg Mudd
10 May 2012 CH Luzern Atelier Brünigstrasse 3
11 May 2012 CH Lausanne Le Bourg
12 May 2012 FR Lyon Sonic
13 May 2012 CH Basel Plattfon
14 May 2012 CH Zurich Bosch Bar
15 May 2012 DE Kassel Arm Aber Okay
16 May 2012 DE Jena Glashaus
17 May 2012 DE Leipzig The Altin Village Fest