Thursday, June 9, 2011

story #2

As he walked through his normal routine he gazes up in to the sky and takes a breath in. As time slows down we enter his body, into his brain, getting closer and closer, in to the universe inside. In to the neuron we get closer and closer, the smaller things getting bigger and bigger. Their is a darkness for a while until we see a cluster of light, the universe within. Within it are galaxies stars and planets just like what we perceive what is outside our planet. One civilization within this universe, in a star system of this mind, is trying to make an expedition outside of their universe, the walking man's mind.

This civilization has developed technologically very quickly and catered to scientific curiosities without any compromise, to search for the truth.

A man responsible for this expedition gears up to leave on his craft. With a device that manipulates the speed of time and size of matter. He gears up his map of wormholes to navigate his way out of this universe.

He sets his coordinates and gears up to go through the first set of wormholes. He must navigate through different universes to find the edge of this space. This type of traveling has already been done in their history, the only thing left is to see what is beyond this multiverse.

The craft gears up and in incredible speed the world around him streams in incredible colors everywhere.

Then darkness.

Their is no feeling of movement. everything seems to feel like it has stopped, however the display on the craft is saying that they are moving way beyond light speed.

Total darkness comes to an abrupt end with a gleam of light in the distance going in and out.

As the light gets closer the man flies out of the walking man's eyeball like a droplet falling in to a glass of water but inverted.

Everything is bright and the feeling of gravity is reacquainted to the man of the inner universe.

He turns on his mass manipulator and he starts growing in size.

He confronts his host, telling him his situation that he must of come out of him through the universe that he holds inside.

He points to the sky and tells his host, this is another universe, lets try and see what's beyond it. The host and the inner universe man get in his space craft and lift off.

Again going through the millions of colors and darkness they fly out of another eyeball.

The two stood in front of its bewildered host wondering how many times must they go out to meet their god.

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