Thursday, August 26, 2010

interview for WUAG

i did an interview for greensbro north carolina's radio station WUAG a little while ago and they just put up the interview on their website :)

you can read the interview here



Saturday, August 21, 2010

show at wind up tonight

Going to play a show with Jason Urick, Bel Air and Martin Kasey, tonight at Windupspace. Show starts at 10:30pm!

i'm playing a slew of new material tonight :)

c ya there :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Infinite Love coming out on Thrill Jockey!

I didn't know when to break the news but I'm going to release Infinite Love through Thrill Jockey Records! I'm so excited to work with them, i jumped on my bed a few times when i got the news. Tortoise, Aki tsuyuko, Boredoms, Nobukazu Takemura, and so many musicians that i used to listen to and getting inspired from, its such an honor.

The album itself is going to be a 2 disc album with a DVD. The album gets two versions, the two versions both start the same, but around the 20 minute mark the two shifts directions and it changes the musical journey. They are kind of like a twin brother and sister. At the end of the piece they come back together.

The DVD is a video my friend Andrew Shenker and I worked on. It is a visual piece that aides the whole album. We are pretty happy with it and it should be good watching it a little buzzed.

The art for the album was done by my friend Evan Lalonde, He took photos and video stills from the piece used on the dvd and using an overhead projector layering different images together to compose a drawing we see above. I'm really happy how it looks!

Infinite Love will be out in mid October

このニュースをいつブログにアップしようかなと思ったんだけど。。。Infinite LoveをThrill Jockeyからリリースする事が決まりました!一緒に仕事をする事が凄く楽しみでベッドの上を子供みたいに飛び回っちゃいました。Tortoise, Aki Tsuyuko, Boredoms, Nobukazu Takemuraなどもう中学、高校だった頃から尊敬するミュージシャンがたくさんいて、本当に光栄です。


DVDの映像の方は友達のAndrew Shenkerと一緒に作って、アルバムの40分間の映像です、少しサイケ雰囲気になって映像を見ればもっと面白いかも;)

アルバムのアートは友達のEvan Lalondeが作ってくれましたDVDの為の映像のスチルをつかって奇麗な絵を描いてくれました。上に見える絵がEvanが描いてくれました。素敵出来上がりでうれしいです!

Infinite Loveは10月の中旬にリリースされます!