Monday, December 7, 2009

Jordan Bernier's Skate Videos

my friend Jordan Bernier who loves skating and is an incredible print maker and have been making skate videos! I got really excited that he used a couple of my songs in his videos. I love his style of skating too, so casual B)

Tyler and Jordan Skate a Bench from Jordan Bernier on Vimeo.

Jake Sam Jordan Steve Skate from Jordan Bernier on Vimeo.


  1. I think in the first video the music really makes it feel sort of blissful. they ride gracefully. then in the second video I like how the repetitious music lends to the repetitiousness of the video. Not repetitious in a bad way. They are both wicked awesome. thanks for sharing =)

  2. What are the songs? Are they purchaseable online (download)? :)

  3. thanks Rei, im glad you enjpyed it! to jon, these songs are part of the 'seasons' every vinyl record comes with a download card that lets you download digitally. you can order it on there is also a sample which is 1/4 of the album 'spring/summer' there. i think the second song on the skate video is on that sample. thanks for you interest! :)

  4. has a lot of awesome bands signed on. sweet.