Thursday, November 26, 2009

Infinite Love


so i've been playing some music by myself and i've been calling it 'infinite love' because of a little shamanic trip i had on my birthday. but i'm in the process of recording it right now, and i put an excerpt of it on my myspace page. its not the whole thing but it was fun panning stuff to get a wide stereo feel. Live its all coming from one speaker but its really strange how frequencies can bounce around in a room and have a wide stereo effect, anyways i digress.

you can listen to it here!


  1. Hey there I just found your blog! I love how you play the guitar =) in fact I love all of ponytail. All of you guys are beyond awesome. you signed my LP recently too =P love the blog and myspace page. Good luck in Australia!

  2. Thanks Rei! I really appreciate it, I'm glad you got our LP too! :)

  3. hey dustin, this is chris from ranchorelaxo/reverse x rays in austin. i really like this track. i'd like to hear what it's like when yr finished with it. also, check out noveller if you haven't already. she's from austin and has been doing some wild guitar stuff.

  4. thanks dude, i'll def check it out too!