Sunday, July 6, 2014

dream 7/7

a town in hyogo
known for its 
lost christian sect
the goddess of piss and night
the midnight sun

a girl describes the beauty 
of the sun rising, 
at night
as the light shined upon 
her from the bottom

the town full of abstract sculptures
the size of monuments
iridescent statutes and fountains
rows and rows
miles and miles

it would be heaven
to run through this
i said
our guide laughed

at the beach, a friend, tim
splashed me with the ocean
laughter with vulgarity
jokes written on paper

werner herzog 
he tells us to swim 
to get food 
from the other 

we get put inside
a cage like boat
Takako refuses
insulted, an order in disguise 
as exercise

i go to urinate
in the public bathroom
i hear flatulence, 
its patrick stewart

as i giggle at this sound
he replies back
"oh, do i hear laughter for my flatulence?
what do i get back in return?"

I don't know…
you don't know!


  1. Wow! An cool poem for an interesting dream. Even Capt. Picard feels an onara sometimes.

  2. This is a nice poem and interesting pieces of thoughts. It is a good way to express your feelings and thoughts about anything that happens in life.

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