Saturday, October 30, 2010

SOME REVIEWS of Infinite Love!!

The sections of “Infinite Love,” a continuous 40-minute composition, tend to start with plucked arpeggios and expand, sometimes taking on a melody, sometimes rippling in ever-wider arcs, sometimes melting into feedback and echo. The music is always heading somewhere promising -Jon Pareles, New York Times

It’s extremely technical stuff, marvelously fast, and so rhythmically precise that it generates momentum with ease, and many of the songs are notably driving for music without any traditional percussion on hand. But Wong’s compositions are also melodious, groovy, and relatively concise, as liable to inhabit your hips and heart as they are to tickle your brain. When he aims high, soaring, strawberry-hued leads rear up from the unraveling tangles of arpeggios and things get airborne quickly. In his more wistful moments, Wong writes and plays with a tenderness that’s featherlight, each track exuding warmth in generous measure.
-Evan Burrows, Tiny Mix Tapes

Infinite Love’s strength is its lack of presumptuousness. It doesn’t try to blow you away with technical skill; instead, Wong’s abilities become clear in a more subtle way, as he consistently coaxes new and fresh sounds from his guitar throughout the albums’ running times. Infinite Love is the kind of record that people will love in an appreciative, grinning sort of way, sidling up to it in the same sense that you might greet that person at a party who offers no existential conversation, but cheers you up on a Friday night. Those things are important to have around, too.
-Corey Beasley, Pop Matters

"Infinite Love is one of those rare records that could only have been made using modern technology, but that already sounds timeless...Wong's trance-inducing cyclical guitar runs even manage to recall one of his former band's biggest influences, the mighty Boredoms, in their early Noughties psychedelic shamen phase.High praise indeed, but a fair comparison; there aren't many bands – and even fewer solo artists – who can make music this rapturous, or use repetition to such blissfully hypnotic effect." -Michael Dix, The Quietus

The genius lurking beneath Infinite Love, however, is in the presentation. A film is included, and much like a Choose Your Own Adventure novella, listeners are able to pair sight and sound to create their own unique journey. Wong is putting his art school background to excellent use, challenging the mind through the power of positivity rather than destroying it through negativity. Infinite Love is pliable—listeners are able to construct their own vision through Wong’s epic scope. Technological interactivity has never been this pleasurable (get your mind out of the gutter). -Justin Spicer, 90.3FM KEXP Seattle


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  2. I am very excited for you Dustin! I loved it :)