Friday, March 12, 2010

Rapdragons at mobtown studios

Rapdragons asked me a few days ago if i wanted to play a song with them last night at Mobtown studios. It was super fun! They sampled Ponytail's 'Late for School' from Ice Cream Spiritual and called it 'Early for Work' :D

The space itself was really cute, a small space with a giraffe patterned rug for the bands to play on.

Mobtown is run by Matt and Emily Leffler Schulman they are married and they are gonna go on a vacation to Costa Rica soon, they are psyched about that!

Sam from Future Isalands was there too and he rapped with them which was really crazy to see, that guy is verbally talented, seriously. my mouth is like a crippled scarecrow, I can't rap for crap!

to listen to the recordings go here

my favorite song they did that night was bigwams, they have such fresh yet simple beats with old school rapping like de la soul, it was awesome!

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