Sunday, February 28, 2010

must post

i feel bad for not posting recently...

In C is going to be on 3/12th saturday!

I recently played at my friend Heidi's class she teaches at nursery school too, that was really interesting. All the kids were great, curious, rambunctious, totally charming. i had them play my guitar and my pedals, really fun. most of the boys liked the distortion pedal.


  1. you are officially my favorite guitarist. so awesome! I could never hope to play as well as you do! inspiring stuff.

  2. Hey, 3/12 is Friday. So is In C on Friday or Saturday?

  3. This was a really great performance, Dustin.

    Sorry to be the guitar nerd, but are you using a Boss RC2 Loop pedal? And, if you wouldn't mind, what about the others?


  4. hello derek, sorry for the late reply, yes, i'm using a boss rc2 loop pedal, i have a few things stringed before it like octave, distortion and delay then an envelope filter and another delay after the looper.